About Olympia Plaza Pharmacy

Olympia Plaza Pharmacy is dedicated to helping people take better care of themselves. We do this by offering not only the purity and accuracy that you expect from your pharmacy but by providing you with caring, personal service that is a rare find in today's world. Olympia Plaza Pharmacy has been founded in 2006 and is managed by a pharmacist with 30+ years of experience in a variety of settings, from hospital based, to long-term care, to community retail Pharmacy. It is the Community that matters most to us. We are offering you a single promise: we will deliver the utmost professional care you deserve. Period. If other pharmacies seem too busy, too removed, too difficult to deal with and struggling to provide you with life saving medicines, it is because they probably are all that. You know you deserve better. Why put up with long wait times, burnout personnel, out of stock issues? There is another way. Come to us and transfer your prescriptions to our capable pharmacy staff. We will show you what a difference you can experience when entrusting your needs to Olympia Plaza Pharmacy. Just give us a chance to prove it to you. We can confidently navigate a complicated world of insurance coverage, various formularies, doctors interactions, prior authorizations, mitigate supply issues to deliver vital medicines you must have to stay healthy, recover quickly or prevent from slipping into illness.

History: Established in 2006.

Olympia Plaza Pharmacy has been in business since 2006 operating as an independent Retail Community pharmacy and a gift shop in Los Angeles Mid City Area. It was founded and operated by Tatiana, a Registered Pharmacist. Tatiana has been a licensed pharmacist in California since 1997, but practiced Pharmacy since 1986, when she graduated from a Pharmacy School in Moldova (Former USSR). She started her career in the Soviet Union and continued in the U.S. after immigrating to Los Angeles In 1990. Tatiana’s ideal and a dream was to establish a Community Pharmacy with the focus on improving lives and care for its members. She strives to deliver the Art and Science of Pharmacy with utmost dedication to the patients she serves. Kindness, compassion, professionalism and dedication to the needs of her patrons are at the core of Olympia Plaza Pharmacy philosophy. The tireless efforts of the entire team produce results that surpass even the most demanding expectations.

Meet the Business Owner: Tatiana

Born in Moldova, a former Soviet Republic, Tatiana’s dream was to help others. After graduating from a Pharmacy School in the USSR in 1986, she worked as a Pharmacist until she immigrated to the USA in 1990 and settled in Los Angeles with her husband and a young son. She believes in hard work and determination. After years of preparation, Tatiana obtained a California Registered Pharmacist license in 1997. She practiced in multiple settings: in-patient, long-term care and community pharmacies for many years, honing in her skills and knowledge. She made a bold and courageous move to become a small business owner in 2006 when she founded Olympia Plaza Pharmacy. Tatiana drew her inspiration from the belief that she can help others live healthier and happier lives by practicing skills and knowledge she possessed. She believed in hard work and determination. By persevering in the demanding field of a Community Pharmacy, she became an expert in helping local population to meet their goals.

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