Pharmaceutical Compounding

Providing Personal Attention For Your Specific Medication Needs

At Olympia Plaza Pharmacy we understand you are unique and there are times when your health requires more than just stock-medicine taken off the pharmacy shelf.

Pharmaceutical compounding is the science of developing medications that are patient-specific. It provides the best in individual care and allows the patient, doctor, and pharmacist to work as a team to meet your unique medical needs, particularly in the fields of pain management, oncology (cancer treatment), menopause and andropause (male hormonal decline). This is referred to as the triad relationship and puts everyone on the same page with a single goal in mind: your health.

We compound an extensive list of medications: bio-identical hormone replacement (testosterone, estrogens, estriol, estradiol DHEA, thyroid), topical and oral pain management, skin care and dermatological compounds, capsules with individualized doses of any prescription or supplement. We carry vegetarian (gelatin-free) capsules to eliminate animal based products for vegans and vegetarians or those following a Kosher or Halal diet.

Compounded veterinary medicines

Our resident pharmacist, Tatiana Borokhovich underwent a special training to compound veterinary medicines. With this experience, Olympia Plaza Pharmacy is capable of making special medicines for your pet, such as bone-flavored for your dog or tuna-flavored for your feline friend. The compounds may be for simple or complex conditions – we can handle them all. Please contact us for your consultation today.